About The Host

Leah Ruby, LMSW, CPC, PNA, Dip.MISPA

Leah is dedicated to empowering her clients; providing them with the tools necessary to expand their inner wisdom, get in touch with their dreams, and fulfill their potential. Leah, a licensed psychotherapist, earned her degree from the University of Michigan. In addition, she is a certified as a Professional Coach and a Practical Nutritional Advisor.  Professionally, Leah uses Ericksonian Hypnotherapy (permission/solution based), Mindfulness techniques along with Kabbalistic Psychology and Psychological Astrology (not predictive) principles, as an option, or as an adjunct to her work.

Leah is the producer and host of her podcast, “FILLING YOUR SOUL  Living with Meaning and Purpose Through the Wisdom of the Kabbalah”, on Stitcher Radio and ITunes.  Feel free to subscribe for free.

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At one time or another, all of us can benefit from a reset, recharge and boost, to clear obstacles that block our positive flow of our energy and precious resources.  Freeing us up to live happy productive lives and to be of service to our loved ones, humanity, and our planet – can provide us with a life filled with direction and purpose.  When self-esteem, happiness, and love flourish, our intentions become our powerhouses of design and fruition.